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Dr. Avijit Banerjee

Emergency Medicine

With a collective experience of more than 5 years in emergency medicine, Dr. Avijit represents the modern generation of clinicians in India with an emphasis on evidence-based medicine and ethical decision making. He is able to make decisions with regards to patient disposition and performing necessary procedures. He is trained in the management of mass casualties and major events. His fine communication skills along with his willingness to speak on behalf of the patient and population interests helps in bringing an effective change. He regularly engages in interdisciplinary problem solving through dialogue, mutual respect, co-operative assertiveness and integrated action. He is well trained in triaging patients coming to the emergency department  as per the Manchester Triage System and treating critically ill patients.

Dr. Avijit is trained and certified in various resuscitation, trauma and life support courses. He is a member of the resuscitation team and various clinical and quality improvement committees within the hospital. He has taken part in various national and international conferences in emergency medicine presenting papers and winning accolades. His independent research and critical papers are published in various indexed journals of emergency medicine. In the past, Dr. Avijit has worked closely with his department for hospital audits and accreditation processes along with National Accreditation Board for Hospitals (NABH) and Joint Commission International. This has brought him momentous recognition and appreciation and has also marked his administrative excellence in the healthcare sector in its entirety. As an emergency physician, his long-term vision is to provide emergency care to resource-depleted Indian emergency setups and population in a time-bound and cost-effective way.

Areas of Expertise

  • Emergency medicine and critical care
  • Paediatric emergencies
  • Trauma and disaster management


  • MD (Physician)
  • MEM
  • (MRCEM)