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The ENT specialty department treats ailments associated with the ear, nose and throat. The department provides complete range of ENT services with unparalleled care and expertise. The ENT operation theatre is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, endoscopes, carbon dioxide laser, etc., along with facilities for TV monitoring and video recording of surgical procedures.


Our physicians provide expert care for general ear, nose and throat problems as well as treatment for a variety of head and neck disorders in both adults and children. The department also provides audiology, voice and speech therapy as allied services with equal importance given for rehabilitation.

The facilities include micro ear surgery, endoscopic sinus surgery, rhinoplasty, adenoid and tonsil surgery with the latest technology, microlaryngeal surgeries, head and neck surgeries, surgeries for snoring problems, airway surgeries, etc. We have state-of-the-art equipment to perform these surgeries on par with the best centres in the world.


  • Ear

    Ear pain, discharge, hearing loss, vertigo (dizziness), ringing sensation in the ears (tinnitus), audiometry and hearing aid fitting.

  • Nose

    Nose block, discharge, headache, plastic surgery of the nose (rhinoplasty) and tumours.

  • Throat

    Throat pain, difficulty swallowing (dysphagia), voice problems and noisy breathing.

  • Neck

    Swellings and tracheostomy problems.


  • Specialised ‘voice and aerodigestive clinic,’ developed on the lines of similar clinics in the US, which caters to patients with problems related to their voice, swallowing, noisy breathing and tracheostomy, using state-of-the-art technology
  • Snoring and sleep apnea clinic aims to treat and educate patients who snore heavily and have disturbed sleep during the night and problems staying awake during the day


  • Diagnostic nasal endoscopy and video laryngoscopy/stroboscopy
  • Microscopic examination of the ear
  • Bronchoscopy and transnasal esophagoscopy (endoscopy through the nose)
  • OPD-based procedures for voice and breathing problems
  • Audiometry and assessment of hearing loss in children
  • Otoacoustic Emission (OAE) - used to determine the status of the cochlea in infants and neonates. Production of a low-intensity OAE, along with reception of sound by cochlea indicates proper functioning of cochlea
  • Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry (BERA) - the test utilised to assess hearing loss in cases of head injury, infections and congenital hearing defects
  • MRI and CT scans are performed to visualise nerve and cochlear bone related pathologies


  • Dedicated minor OT to perform outpatient services
  • Speech and swallowing therapy
    • FEES - Functional Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing
    • Fluoroscopy
  • ‘Voice Clinic’ is a specialised clinic run by the ENT department and provides the following services:
    • Stroboscopy
    • Pre and post-surgical vocal rehabilitation care for adults and children
  • The department also runs a specialty clinic called ‘Allergy Clinic’ to assess and manage cases of allergy
  • Emergency ENT care


    Our comprehensive treatment/services include:

    • Discharging ear – tympanoplasty or tympanomastoidectomy
    • Deafness – stapedectomy for otosclerosis
    • Ossiculoplasty and mastoid surgery to correct conductive hearing loss
  • Myringotomy and Grommet procedure for treatment of deafness in children having fluid in the ears (a very common cause of deafness in children)
  • Endoscopic sinus and skull base surgery for diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses including chronic sinusitis, tumours of the nose and sinuses, control of nasal bleeding
  • Endoscopic closure of CSF rhinorrhoea (brain fluid leaking into the nose) and transnasal endoscopic removal of pituitary tumours
  • Microsurgery of larynx (voice box and phonosurgery) and laryngeal framework surgery for correction of voice disorders and hoarseness; carbon dioxide laser surgery for vocal cord lesions
  • Airway surgeries for narrowed airways in both adults and children
  • Swellings in the head and neck region