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The department of urology at SSNMC Super Specialty Hospital Rajarajeshwari Nagar, offers a wide range of services for urological diseases. The department is supported by lab and diagnostic services such as radiology, pathology, microbiology and a blood holding unit. The hospital is equipped with modern facilities and the latest equipment to treat all urological disorders. This enables the team to provide comprehensive uro-oncology, reconstructive urology and paediatric urology services. We also provide andrology services like male infertility treatment. The urology department offers round-the-clock emergency services for urinary obstruction, infection, urological trauma and other emergencies.

Treatments and Procedures

  • Female urological procedures like VVF (Vesico Vaginal Fistula), UVF (Uretero Vaginal Fistula), RVF (Recto Vaginal Fistula) and TVT (Tension Free Vaginal Tape) or TOT (Transobturator Tape)
  • Paediatric urology – pyeloplasty, nephrectomy, ureteric reimplantation, hypospadias repair
  • Reconstructive urology like urethroplasty and pyeloplasty
  • Andrology procedures like testicular biopsy (percutaneous and open), microsurgical varicocelectomy, vasovasostomy (vasectomy reversal) and treatment of erectile dysfunction
  • PCNL (Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy Surgery)
  • URS (Ureterorenoscopy) and RIRS (Retrograde Intrarenal Surgery/flexible ureterorenoscopy)
  • Laparoscopic stone removal
  • Conventional and bipolar TURP (Transurethral Resection of the Prostate) and laser prostatectomy (HoLEP – Holmium Laser Enucleation of Prostate)
  • Laparoscopic procedures - (Eg. nephrectomy, pyeloplasty and radical prostatectomy)

1. Andrology

  • Medical treatments and psychosexual counselling
  • Microscopic surgery for infertility

2. Female Urology

  • Treatment of recurrent urinary tract infections
  • Minimally invasive surgery for stress incontinence (synthetic slings)
  • Repair of urogenital fistulas

3. Reconstructive Urology

  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty
  • Buccal mucosa urethroplasty for urethral strictures
  • Neobladder reconstruction and bladder augmentation

4. Stone Treatments

  • Endoscopic ureteric and renal stone surgery with laser keyhole surgery for renal stones

5. Prostate Diseases

  • Endoscopic prostate surgery (conventional and holmium laser)

6. Uro-oncology

  • Kidney cancer - laparoscopic nephrectomy and laparoscopic partial nephrectomy
  • Bladder cancer - transurethral bladder tumour removal and radical cystectomy (open and laparoscopic)
  • Prostate cancer - radical prostatectomy (open and laparoscopic)
  • Testis cancer - Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND)
  • Penile cancer - penile conserving surgeries with reconstruction